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Facebook Blacklist

Facebook Censoring Black-Listed Links

More and more people are noticing Facebook has begun censoring web pages that are best described as politically controversial, as opposed to Facebook's stated reason that they've been reported as "abusive or spammy". We've followed the "Let us know if you think this is an error" links provided by Facebook to report these mistakes and are beginning to see such websites restored by Facebook. Building on this success, we'll continue working on behalf of such sites.

We hope that if enough people draw attention to these errors (we'll give Facebook the benefit of the doubt for now), that Facebook will:

1. Take the websites/links off of their black-list.

2. Issue an apology to the black-listed websites.

3. Change the procedures and/or policies that lead to these websites getting on Facebook's black-list in the first place, perhaps by adding a review board for URLs reported by Facebook users to prevent politically-motivated mis-labelling of websites as "abusive" or "spammy" by people who seek to silence people they disagree with instead of engage them in honest debate.

4. Make politically-motivated abuse reports a violation of Facebook's terms of service, with penalties up to and including termination of a user's account after two incidents as determined by the review board.

With that goal in mind please help this cause by taking action as follows:

1. Share this page on Facebook.

2. Try to share the banned URLs below and let us know if any get taken off Facebook's blacklist.

3. If these URLs are still blocked when you attempt to post them on your wall, please follow Facebook's "Let us know" link in the pop-up (see below) and report the mistake to Facebook.

4. Let us know of any other wrongly blocked websites you may become aware of. (Send a message to Martin Truther on Facebook and be sure you get a response).

5. Pay MORE attention to the blocked sites. If we make censorship backfire (like making martyrs of people), the dark side might learn their silencing tactic is ultimately counterproductive to their goal of silencing their opposition. Proudly declare "I read banned websites!"

Current and recent examples include:

Website Example URL (Try cutting and pasting this into your Facebook wall status) Listed Date



Victory #1 -- This website can now be posted to FB walls (4-JUL-2011)

18-JUN-2011 thru

Victory -- Also postable now (4-JUL-2011)

21-JUN-2011 thru
3-JUL-2011 21-JUN-2011 thru


Below: What censorship on Facebook looks like:

If you go to the page on Facebook and click the link from the "Info" page to, Facebook pre-empts the page and displays the following message strongly (and wrongly) implying that is associated with phishing and malware schemes:

Martin Truther

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