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“A Journey to the Center of the Truth” -- Vol.2014 No.1 June 6

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The "Summer of Truth" Continues...

It's been four years since I launched the "Summer of Truth" campaign with the first version of the "Red Pill Manifesto"-- a simple Facebook note that's now grown to its own website [1]. At the time, I naively imagined the tipping point for liberating our world from a "century of deception" could be accomplished in a few months, hence the allusion to 1967's "Summer of Love" which was a rapid cultural shift with a different focus. [2]

I soon learned that, as the Viceroy of India Lord Irwin once said, "it takes a great deal more than a pinch of salt to bring down the British Empire." [3]

So, Summer became Fall and 2010 became 2014 and here we are. I am always deeply grateful when someone writes and mentions my work was an influence on them during a life-changing shift. I know there are now thousands of us working, both online and offline to end the deceptions that have been part of our culture for so long.

This newsletter aims to help solidify our community. coordinate our efforts and grow the Truth Movement in ways that are becoming more limited on Facebook and other social media. As I said in my first Youtube video [4], I have found three main categories of world-view changing truths:

  1. Historical conspiracies,
  2. Health/healing in a toxic world; and
  3. Spirituality.

I believe a balance of all three is essential to our success. First, to be effective, we must protect our health and be as close as we can be to the "sound mind in a sound body" ideal of the ancient Greeks. Secondly, we need to address and reform the powers behind ongoing conspiracies to achieve lasting changes in the world. Thirdly, because the reality of conspiracies can be horrific, it is also important to be strong spiritually so we are not overwhelmed by fear or depression, but stay grounded in love and hope.

You can expect to see links to articles and documentaries from all three categories in this Newsletter. We hope you enjoy the information we're collecting and that you'll want to share it with your friends.

Health News

Truvia sweetener a powerful pesticide; scientists shocked as fruit flies die in less than a week from eating GMO-derived erythritol (NaturalNews) Truvia sweetener is made from about 99.5% erythritol (a sugar alcohol), and 0.5% rebiana, an extract from the stevia plant (but not at all the same thing as stevia). A shocking new study published in the journal PLOS ONE (1) has found that Truvia, an alternative sweetener manufactured by food giant Cargill, is a potent insecticide that kills fruit flies which consume it. ... (More)

Spirituality News

My favorite part of Tom Shadyac's film "I Am" is the yogurt scene at 43:00 (link should start there)-- Our thoughts and emotions connect us to other living things in a measurable objective way that is still well beyond scientific explanation. ... (More)

Conspiracy News

How the National Security State Kills a Free Society by Edward Snowden It has now been one year since Edward Snowden first went public as a whistleblower exposing illegal and unconstitutional surveillance being conducted on a massive scale ... (More)


June 6 marks the 46th anniversary of the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Few are aware that he was killed by a bullet fired from behind him, at point blank range, and not by Sirhan Sirhan who was in front of him and never got closer than several feet. Few are aware of the plausible allegations of mind control of Sirhan Sirhan (who had, and still has, no conscious recollection of the shooting), the woman in the polka-dot dress, the fact that more bullets were retrieved at the scene of the crime than fit in Sirhan's gun, that the LAPD "misplaced" crucial evidence ... (More)

June 5 marks 25 years since one man in Tiananmen square went "all in" and stopped, for a beautiful brief while, a whole column of army tanks, creating a symbol of the power of one person standing up to authority that has swept the world and lives on even though we still don't know the man's identity or current status... (More)


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"What if our technology to generate and amplify Love and Creativity in this world had kept pace with our technology to generate and amplify Hate and Destruction? What if there were 20,000 devices worldwide, poised to change the planet forever by generating, within the first 24 hours, 7,000 Tera-Hugs of love expanding out from the centers of every major city in the world at the speed of light, encompassing the entire world with enough Love and Joy that it meant enough happiness to have everyone smiling with deep satisfaction and contentment for the next 10,000 years? What if you are one of those devices? What would you do and when?"

Footnotes & Links

[1] The Red Pill Guide
[2] Wikipedia -- Summer of Love, 1967
[3] Gandhi, 1982 HD 2:05:00
[4] The Red Pill Guide-- A Journey In Truth

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