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Martin Truther   Martin Truther
A Journey to the Center of the Truth

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Consciousness is Everything (and Vice Versa)

This is something each individual has to experiment with for themselves, but a number of disciplines and practices ranging from ancient vedic literature to quantum physics, from meditation and prayer to intentional manifestation, to name a few, are coming together around concepts that are beginning to link actual physical reality to our thoughts and consciousness in a feedback loop where our consciousness is not merely influenced by reality as we perceive it, but reality is, in turn, influenced by our thoughts.

Video: “The Quantum Reality”

Video: “The Matrix of Illusion”

Video: “A Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor

Video: “Quantum Healing with Dr. Lo”

Video: “Physical Use of Chi Energy, Demonstrated by John Chang, QiGong Master”


Video: “Quantum Communication, directed by: David Sereda” ;

Video: "What The Bleep Do We Know (Play list 12 parts)"

Video: "What The Bleep Do We Know!? Down the Rabbit Hole"

Web: "Entangled Minds / Combat Intuition 8/1/2009", Dean Radin

"The NWO has more money, more power, more weaponry, more technology-- they control more media and more politicians... All we've got is our numbers and our consciousness. If we can learn to infuse the world field with our intentions for peace, health, justice and love, I believe no dark force could withstand it. I'm not saying we should all just sit and meditate all day. I'm saying we should go to deeper levels with all of our actions to make them count more, to give our acts more weight, to make it more likely that our ripples will propagate more widely-- like that." -- mt

Martin Truther

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