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Global Warming

Global Warming shouldn't really be a secret. The north pole is melting. The earth's average temperature is rising. Glaciers are retreating worldwide. Sunshine remains constant and in line with historic sunspot variation. A dozen or more teams of atmospheric scientists' models can't explain the changes without taking human activities into account. The oil companies like the status quo and will manufacture doubt about Global Warming as long as we're willing to believe it. Just because global warming is real, however, doesn't mean we have to buy into the problem-reaction-solution plans for global taxation and governance. We can and should, instead, push for treaties between sovereign nations, local "green taxes" to offset income an other regressive taxes and alternative energy in many different forms.

Web: "Skeptical Science"

Video: "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore *** *** (01:32:37)

Web: "Global Warming Deniers"

Video: "The Great Global Warming Swindle *** *** (01:15:56)

Web: "The Whole Solar System is Undergoing Global Warming" by "Muaddib" (laughably weak evidence)

Web: "Global warming on other planets in the solar system"

Video: "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See" (09:34)

Video: "Wake Up, Freak Out -- then Get a Grip"

Video: "Melting Trends: Arctic Ice Completely Gone by 2020" (03:03)

Web: Solar-Cycle-Data:

Web: "Reconstructed Solar Irradiance Data, NOAA Paleoclimatology Program and World Data Center for Paleoclimatology, Boulder"

Web: "NASA:GISS Surface Temperature Analysis"

Web: Union of Concerned Scientists: Global Warming: Human Fingerprints

Martin Truther

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